I live and work in Tuscany, in the Province of Siena, and my work revolves around this region.

I am a tourism consultant and I develop travelling proposals in Tuscany that respect the principles of responsible and accessible tourism.

I am a licensed tour leader for the following languages: German, French, Spanish and English.

Amongst the travelling programmes I create there are programmes tailored for individuals, couples, families or small groups with or without disability. I offer consulting services to Tour Operators, to travel agencies, to associations and to anyone interested in accessible and sustainable tourism in Tuscany.


Responsible Tourism

I develop itineraries and travelling programmes for individuals or small groups inspired by the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism.

I select activities and places to visit that are usually not included in the traditional tours. I also choose excellent examples of our local reality like small businesses, often family businesses, to guarantee that our guests enjoy an authentic experience with the country and the local people. I like working with agricultural companies that promote organic farming, a Community Supported Agriculture and that respect our environment and their employees.


Accessible Tourism

I develop and carry out travelling proposals in Tuscany that have been adapted to the needs of people with physical and/or visual impairments.

I personally research and select accessible accommodations in the region, as well as activities and itineraries, beaches, museums to visit, services and transport facilities to use and other amenities such as accessible wineries and restaurants. Of course, also assistance and specialised guides when needed.

A trip is like a small puzzle made of so many small experiences: with my job I try to develop a net of service providers to be able to guarantee accessibility along the chain of touristic services (local transport, hotels, restaurants, activities and visits).

To promote my activities I cooperate with many foreign Tour Operators and associations specialised in accessible tourism.